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Welcome to the Jordan Acoustics product portfolio.

Here you will find some of the finest audio products currently available. All of our products have been specifically chosen to represent the pinnacle of performance and design from our supporting manufacturers. With new and exciting products being added on a regular basis please be sure to visit this page regularly.

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Nordost: Valhalla 3m pair


Speed, detail, and an incredibly realistic presentation of the musical event are the qualities that set the flat array Valhalla speaker cable apart. This is (apart from Odin) the most neutral loudspeaker cable every developed. If you want to hear every nuance and musical detail with all the clarity and natural accuracy that your system is capable of, Valhalla sets the standard.

"Whatever the musical demand, from the widest dynamic swing to the smallest gesture or expressive inflection, the Valhallas deliver."
Roy Gregory, Hi Fi + Issue 28

  INSULATION: High purity class 1 extruded FEP
  CONDUCTOR: 40 x optimized diameter in micro mono-filament construction
  MATERIAL: 78 microns of extruded silver over 99.999999% OFC solid core
  CAPACITANCE: 11.8pF/ft
  INDUCTANCE: 9.6uH/ft
  DC RESISTANCE: 2.6ohms/1000ft (304M)
  PROPAGATION DELAY: 96% speed of light
  DIMENSIONS: 55mm (2 1/8”) wide and 1.0mm (0.039”) thick

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