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7B SST3 Mono

The Bryston 7B³ is a single channel (mono) amplifier which offers virtually perfect freedom from overload on any type of speaker. It assures an amazing degree of transparency, musicality, and ease of listening.


20 year warranty

Finance example

£1,350.00 initial 20% deposit then £180.00 per month for 30 months. Other finance terms available. Finance subject to status

7B SST3 Mono


Bryston amplifiers enjoy universal acclaim from both audio professionals and music enthusiasts unlike any other brand in the world. As a result of relentless passion for superb performance and unparalleled build quality, Bryston engineers have continued to innovate since our groundbreaking premier in 1973. The Cubed Series amplifiers continue this tradition of excellence highlighted by lower distortion, increased bandwidth and reduced noise, presenting listeners with a crystal clear window into their most cherished recordings.Bryston Cubed Series Amplifiers, featuring patented circuitry developed in conjunction with Dr. Salomie, Ph.D., move the listener ever closer to the music with such visceral realism, the experience is most comparable to live performance.

This is the Bryston Cubed Series.

What’s New?Bryston engineers, led by Chris Russell, have been busy since the advent of the SST2 Series finding new methods to reduce noise and distortion to reveal more nuance and subtlety than ever before. Cubed Series amplifiers employ significant improvements including:

• Dramatically less distortion at input stage

• Improved common mode noise rejection

• Major improvement in EMI/RFI noise rejection

• Less than 500mW standby power consumption

• Updated dress panel aesthetic with clean lines and new finish.

Tech spec

Power Output Per Channel

8Ω Load: 600W


High: 29dB 28.28 V/V

Low: 23dB 14.14 V/V

Sensitivity (into 8Ω)

High: 1.0V 100W

High: 2.5V 600W

Low: 2.0V 100W

Low: 4.9V 600W

Input Impedance



Pounds: 42; Kilograms: 19.1

Power Consumption (Watts)

Standby: <0.5W

Idle: ≤80

600W 8Ω: 1100

75W 8Ω: 725

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