EAR Yoshino


EAR’s most popular phono amplifier in the UK.


3 year warranty



When Tim de Paravicini does a job; he does it properly; whether it is a custom studio installation, or an affordable phono pre amplifier like the EAR 834P range. With years of experience in design and manufacturing, nobody can come close to his unique point of view and life experiences he puts into all his designs.

When first launched, now over five years ago, it was the only valve phono stage you could buy with facilities for both good quality Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges. In addition, for a small premium the unit could be purchased with an in-built volume control, allowing direct connection to a power-amplifier.

Yoshino was set up in 1994 with the pure intention of manufacturing the worlds finest Hi-Fi and studio equipment: In other words; the designs of Tim de Paravicini. Yoshino Ltd. decided to up-rate and widen the range. There are now three models in the EAR 834P line up:

The Classic EAR 834P uses the same circuit architecture as its more expensive brothers, and shares in the same high quality sound through MM type cartridges. It is enclosed in a tough, rigid metal case, and is fully ”CE” type approved.

The Signature builds on the classic EAR 834P specification, by adding a superb Moving Coil (MC) input stage, as well as the no extra price option of a high quality volume control.

Top of the range, the De-luxe comes in a stunning chrome and gold cabinet, and has extra attention and quality control. For the true vinyl enthusiast. With different moving coil input options, this unit will fit the most demanding of audiophile systems.

From Basic through Signature to De-luxe, the performance remains class leading.


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