Naim’s upgradeable phonostages bring out the finest performances from vinyl sources.


2 year warranty



Even though Naim may not build a turntable, they have decades of experience making the most of the black magic offered by the vinyl LP. The StageLine phonostage, available in either moving coil or moving magnet versions, can be powered just from the NAIT XS 2 amplifier or via its own dedicated power supply, such as a FlatCap XS. However you connect and configure it, you can be assured of the consummate musicality so fundamental to every Naim Audio product.

Tech spec



Input Sensitivity

K & S 100μV, E 400μV, N 2mV

Output Gain

N 35dB at 1kHz, K & S 60dB at 1kHz

Input Load Options

S 470Ω, K & E 560Ω, N 47kΩ

Dimensions (HxWxD)

57 x 121 x 187 mm



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