The Top Line 089 belt-drive CD player combines a number of new features with the familiar Reference Line technology.


2 year warranty

Finance example

£3,680.00 initial 20% deposit then £490.67 per month for 30 months. Other finance terms available. Finance subject to status



On account of its two digital ports and its optional volume control, the 089 can also be used as a pre-amplifier. The digital ports of the 089 make it possible to connect other external digital devices via the improved internal DAC converter and to achieve a superb level of sound quality (up to 192kHz/24 bit).

The Top Line 089 Belt-Drive CD Player combines brand-new developments with distinguished technologies from our Reference Line products. The interplay between the Burmester-invented belt-drive, SRC-function to 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit with the according conversion, is regarded internationally as benchmark technology. The belt-driven CD Player has the advantage of decoupling the laser from the drive motor. As a result, the readout of the CD is significantly higher, because it is not afflicted with electrical jitter. The belt drive is located in a solid, low-resonance chamber.

Due to its two digital inputs and selectable volume control, the 089 has an additional preamplifier-function. The digital inputs allow the connection of further external sources. These sources can also benefit from the internal, improved D/A-converter (up to 192kHz/24 bit). Music is reproduced at its utmost perfection. Like all Burmester components, the D/A converter is designed with balanced circuit technology. The subsequent filter stages and X-Amp2 output stages, are fully balanced without distorting capacitors in the signal path. For the use of the pre-amplifier function, the 089 is also equipped with an analogue input for the connection of analogue sources.

Like the 088 Pre-amplifier, the 089 CD Player uses X-Amp2 modules for the outputs.These modules, formerly only used in Burmester Reference Line products, are primarily responsible for the extraordinary sound that has been awarded with numerous reference titles in the past.

Tech spec

Dimensions (W x H x D)

482 x 112 x 331 mm

with opened sliding cover

482 x 112 x 376 mm


app. 11,5kg

Power consumption


28,3 W

STBY (Mains switch ON)

2.4 W

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