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A true High-End DAC capable of delivering audiophile sound from digital files that features Network Player functions to help you enjoy your favourite music always with the greatest audio quality.


1 year warranty

Finance example

£872.60 initial 20% deposit then £145.43 per month for 24 months. Other finance terms available. Finance subject to status



For true Digital Audiophiles only


DS-1000 is the best D/A Converter we have ever made: a true High-End DAC capable of delivering audiophile sound from digital files that features Network Player functions to help you enjoy your favourite music always with the greatest audio quality.

The DS-1000 offers high-resolution digital inputs to convert native PCM audio files up to 24bit/192kHz via S/Pdif coaxial and TOS-Optical inputs. It’s also equipped with one USB host input to convert PCM audio files and DSD 64/128/256.

Besides, DS-1000 also offers Streaming features to use high-resolution online music servers (TIDAL, QOBUZ) and even browse digital radio stations playing via LAN and WiFi and reading audio files directly from USB keys and Hard Disks through the USB-A ports.
More time for music, less time to make it work

A large 3,5” TFT monitor shows all unit information in a clear menu that’s easy to browse, showing all options: digital inputs USB inputs, Radio Stations, Media server. Thanks to the exclusive SKC – Single Knob Control the unit becomes a friendly plug-and-play source can be fully controlled even without a remote or the computer and mobile App.

total control over your system

DS-1000 offers a unique modular design exclusively engineered for Gold Note’s 1000 series that allows the system to expand and improve as it can feature an optional internal Preamp Stage Card and even an Analogue Stereo Input, turning the DS-1000 into a complete high-end audio Digital Player that can be connected straight to your power amp or active speakers.

Though DS-1000 comes with digital volume control as a standard, audio enthusiasts will appreciate the optional high quality Preamp Stage Card powered by a PGA single resistor dual-mono to achieve better performance and audio purity. The Analogue Balanced Stereo Input is also available as optional and allows DS-1000 to become a really complete Preamp as well.

Upgrade when you want to

For ultimate performance and audio pleasure, DS-1000 can be equipped with the external balanced Class A Tube Output stages:

TUBE-1012 – featuring 12 double triode tubes, a special unit employing 6 transformers, inductive and tube power supply, ultra-low distortion, noise-less and low impedance output.

TUBE-1006 – a 6 tubes unit that will significantly improve performances and enrich your audio experience.

The voltage of the Tube Output Stages will always be extremely stable on every audio signal path due to two proprietary Dual-Mono transformers PSU, achieving high-quality audio performances, annulling digital interferences.

To step up the configuration DS-1000 modular design offers also an External Inductive PSU:

PSU-1000 – Super external inductive power supply unit able to deliver pure power to DS-1000 and provide a full galvanic insulation from the AC system, shielding perfectly the unit from RFI and EMI.

HI-END DAC featuring, NETwork PLAYER & streamer via PCM and DSD

DS-1000 is a D/A Converter with native DSD 64/128/256 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz compatibility via USB, LAN and Wi-Fi through a cutting edge Burr-Brown PCM1792A featuring Coax and Optical inputs to guarantee the best native resolution.


DS-1000 DAC features easy set up Apple iOS and Android proprietary software for full control via iPhones and iPads as well as smart phones and tablets. The App makes it easy to control all the digital inputs displaying all meta data, cover and information registered on the track as well as real resolution format.


Our proprietary SKC technology – Single Knob Control – combined with the TFT display makes it easy and quick to conveniently control the DS-1000 using a single knob joggle. The unit is also fully controlled via App and a Gold Note remote is supplied.


The integrated preamplifier stage and balanced XLR input available on demand will turn DS-1000 into an All-In-One unit able to drive any High End audio system.

DS-1000 converts audio files from all digital sources with its optical and coaxial inputs and it can also convert computer audio files using the USB port. With its streaming capabilities, DS-1000 can play from any NAS connected to the local network, browse Internet radios via V-Tuner and even play Hi-Res music via Tidal and Qobuz.


DS-1000 converts D/A audio via S/PDIF coaxial and TOS-optical asynchronous PCM24bit/192kHz inputs, one USB Host asynchronous for native and DoP DSD64/128/256 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz. It also reads from HardDisk and USB sticks (FAT32) via USB without the need of any built-in storage memory.


Innovative unique modular design allows a variety of external upgrades, including Class-A Tube Stages, External Inductive PSU, Preamp Card and Analogue Stereo Input.


DS-1000 features a great mechanical structure made of solid machined steel and thick aluminium panels to guarantee low frequency resonance, and magnetic inertial field.


TUBE-1012: external inductive powered 12 tubes Class-A Output Stage Unit
TUBE-1006: external 6 tubes Class-A Output Stage
PSU-1000: Inductive external multi transfomer super power supply


CASE - Brushed Aluminium | Black or Silver

INSERTS - Aluminium | Black or Silver

*Price shown is for base model, without Preamp + Analog input

Tech spec

Frequency response:

5Hz-200kHz +/-0.3dB

THD – Total Harmonic Distortion:

0.001% max

Signal to Noise ratio:


Dynamic response:


Output impedance:



430mm W | 135mm H | 375mm D


15 Kg

Power consumption:


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