Coltrane Tenor 2

Designed around the most advanced technology, it’s crafted with absolute reverence for the music.


3 Year warranty

Coltrane Tenor 2



One of the highlights of the Coltrane Tenor 2 is the crossover technique. Specifically developed for the Coltrane Supreme 2, it produces absolutely perfect time and phase coherence. More importantly, it also provides flawless time coincident.


The Coltrane Tenor 2 is built on the best technology from all Marten speakers. The cabinet is super-rigid thanks to Kevlar honeycomb sandwiched between carbon fibre laminate – just like the Coltrane Supreme 2. A pure aluminium plate between the solid wood front and the Valchromat fibreboard inside makes for an equally rigid front and incredibly stable sound.

Inside you’ll find the Cell technology that they developed with Accuton especially for the Coltrane Supreme 2. The ceramic mid range is exactly the same as in the Coltrane 3. And the diamond tweeters and aluminium sandwich bass drivers are from the Coltrane Supreme 2. In other words, the technology doesn’t come any better.

Yet for the Coltrane Tenor 2 they’ve managed to push performance even further. To minimise vibration, they’ve chosen to sit the stainless steel stands on Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones. Meanwhile, they’ve chosen the best terminals on the market: WBT Nextgen with conductors made of pure silver.

The internal cabling is the best too – Jorma Design, with the option of upgrading to the flagship line Jorma Statement. And they’ve filled the inside with the just right amount of pure sheep’s wool to provide the perfect amount of dampening.

The result is a speaker that does an even better job of reproducing reality – a speaker that sets a new benchmark for high-end audio.

Tech spec

Frequency range

24-80000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating

300 W


86 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

Impedance /

6 ohm (3.5 Ohm min)

Drive units

2x8” alumimium sandwich, 1x7” ceramic, 1x0.75” diamond

Crossover frequency

1st order, 360 & 4000Hz

Internal wiring

Jorma Design - optional Statement


20 mm:s carbon fibre laminate cabinet, 68 mm laminated wood/aluminium front


Polished stainless steel with Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones

Dimensions WxHxD

31 x 114 x 40 cm (12.2 x 44.9 x 15.7”)

Net weight

55 Kg (122.2 lbs)

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