Argo 2.0

The flagship carbon fibre audio rack from Bassocontinuo.


5 year warranty

Finance example

£1,884.40 initial 20% deposit then £251.25 per month for 30 months. Other finance terms available. Finance subject to status

Argo 2.0


Structure: Modular solid stainless steel or pure copper; floating shelves on CFRP endoskeleton. Carbon fiber shield with PU absorbition sandwich.

Thickness of the shelves: 20 mm.

Height between shelves: From 95 to 345 mm

Overall dimension: 1280 x 560 mm (W x D)

Useful size: 600 x 515 mm (W x D) each shelf

Top shelf useful size: 660 x 560 mm (W x D)

Load capacity: 100 kg bottom shelf / 80 kg top shelves

Decoupling: TSA (Technogel Shock Absorber) and EDT (Encapsulated Damper Technology).

Note: Upgrade in aftermarket (change the heights between shelves in any time, add more cylinders or the smart accessories). 2 years warranty. CFRP endoskeleton it’s a mono shell/body made by carbon fiber.

Please call for prices of all configurations.


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