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Burmester 082 integrated amplifier, 1 year old in immaculate condition. Great chance to own a prestigious brand that delivers superb detail and build quality that you'd expect from German engineering. Comes complete with box, manual and remote (£8800 new)


1 year warranty
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In spite of the fact that the power supply unit is slightly smaller than in the case of 032, 082 still delivers an impressive performance, and the sound quality is almost on a par with that of the more powerful 032. The 082 amplifier also makes our listening dreams come true. It exudes a warm, strong and full-bodied sound which at the same time impresses the listener on account of its capacity for detail. They attain this goal with a type of circuit design that is based on symmetrical DC-coupled amplifier paths.

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The 082 integrated amplifier is a direct descendant of Burmester’s larger 032 integrated amplifier. It fits seamlessly into the long line of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning power amplifiers 909, 911, 956 and 036. Despite a slightly smaller power supply in comparison to the 032, the integrated amplifier 082 offers impressive capabilities and almost equals the outstanding sound of the bigger model. The powerful and warm yet detailed sound is the result of a special circuit layout based on balanced, DC-coupled amplification sections. The 082 integrated amplifier combines outstanding sound with easy to understand operation in a convincingly versatile device. The simple operating concept allows easy access to a multitude of different functions.


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