Platinum monoblocks

Quad DMP Platinum monoblocks, 1 of 2 pairs available, in immaculate condition complete with original packaging (£4995 pair new)


6 month warranty
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Platinum monoblocks


When it comes to amplification, the Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono are perfect partners for the Quad Platinum DMP. The Platinum Mono is a monoblock design with a rating of 180W into eight ohms.

Quad amplifiers have been widely acclaimed since the 1950s and the brands new flagship solid-state power amps have a peerless reputation to uphold. The Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono are the culmination of a seven-year project to devise an amp configuration offering extremely low distortion and low gain, and the ability to drive any loudspeaker.

The specially designed Platinum output stage accommodates a large number of output transistors, each one driven from its own driver transistor to maximize linearity. This unusual output section enables virtually flat output impedance to be presented to the loudspeaker across the frequency domain, leading to a more natural dynamic performance throughout the audio spectrum.

The use of tight-tolerance precision parts in key areas guarantees both consistency between channels and adherence to the design specification. Top quality, audiophile-grade components, from the large power supply capacitors to the circuitry that controls the amplifier open loop gain, are all carefully chosen for their combined sound quality, and dynamic performance a critical element of music reproduction is enhanced by ensuring each amplification stage is fed by its own power supply.

Amplifier stages are usually linked by capacitors to take care of DC offsets, but capacitors in the signal path degrade the purity of the audio signal. In the Platinum power amps, direct coupling of each stage is enabled by the use of a DC servo a circuit that compensates for any unwanted DC voltage and removes it without affecting the music signal.

Both the Platinum Stereo and Platinum Mono sport connection terminals of the highest quality, with a choice of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs and rugged, gold-plated speaker terminals to accommodate single- or bi-wiring, according to the users requirements. A 12V trigger is also provided, enabling the amps to power up and down automatically in line with the Platinum DMP.

The Platinum Series is the best solid-state component range Quad has ever produced, the next step up from the highly acclaimed Elite Series. Whether the Platinum DMP is partnered with a Platinum Stereo or a pair of Platinum Monos, the end result is a musical performance of beguiling power and finesse, brimming with dynamic contrasts and subtle detail for an exceptionally realistic experience. Neither too warm nor too bright, the Platinum Series delivers the truthful sonic neutrality for which Quad is famed, whilst ensuring every musical performance is delivered in its entirety, true to the recording and utterly unrestrained.

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