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ESOTERIC’s Flagship Network Audio Player Created from Our Passion for Excellence

The DAC chipset is equipped with the AK4497, the highest performing DAC in the history of AKM (as of June 2017), and the DAC module features a luxurious differential 8-circuit independent power regulator design for each channel that is unique to the K1/N-01 models. Additionally, the highly acclaimed four independent power supply construction of the K series Super Audio CD players, superb component selection and design concepts are incorporated as standard in the N-01.

We have poured more than 30-years’ worth of digital player development know-how into every detail of the N-01, incorporating our proprietary “ES-LINK Analog” transmission method, 35-bit D/A processing algorithm, and HCLD buffer amplifier equipped with 125,000F super capacitors. This combination of our prestigious audio circuitry, highly advanced network audio module and playback applications create a cutting-edge device that is incredibly easy to use, generating an entirely new standard for network playback.

Network Audio

Imagine choosing and playing back your favorite music with outstanding sound quality without leaving the comfort of your listening seat. ESOTERIC’s N-01 Network Audio Player makes this a reality. The N-01 enables you to enjoy the vivid musical experience of DSD master sound sources. You can quickly and easily access your digital music library, or actively seek out new encounters in music with streaming services available in your area. Simply make effective use of your home network environment to bring your relationship with music even closer. In addition to your home audio components, all you need are a standard domestic LAN connection (with wireless router) and a tablet or smartphone. You can also incorporate an NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to hold your entire music library. It’s that simple! Just make these changes to discover a whole new level of high-quality musical enjoyment without compromise.

Compatible with a Variety of Audio Sources

The N-01 is fully equipped with a wide range of select high-end specifications to ensure it delivers superb network audio playback quality. Compatible with 5.6MHz DSD, 384kHz/32-bit PCM playback(*) and a host of other formats (DSF, DSDIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC), gapless playback capability is also offered in all lossless formats, delivering full enjoyment of live or opera recordings with no interruptions between musical tracks.
*The N-01 down-converts signals to 192kHz/24-bit while playing back 384kHz/32-bit PCM signals when in network mode.

ESOTERIC Sound Stream

ESOTERIC Sound Stream is an Apple iOS / Android application for tablets and smartphones designed with an emphasis on both sound quality and intuitive operability for network playback. Simply select musical tracks using the tablet / smartphone to create a customized playlist and then play the playlist. All screens are intuitively designed for easy operation and access to playlists and libraries, making it easier for anyone to use. Yet it also has a wide range of refined features that meet the demands of even the most experienced users. Key to this achievement is the excellent search and retrieval function that fully utilizes tag information. Images are also stored in the app, enabling you to instantly scroll through album artwork and libraries according to categories such as artist, year of recording, composer or category. This use of tag information even allows tracks that have the same name but different formats to be easily identified on the screen.

Music Server Function

The N-01 can also be used as a simplified music server that integrates both player and library by connecting large-capacity storage devices to two USB ports on the front and rear of the unit.

35-bit D/A Processing for Outstanding Musical Expression

The N-01 combines multiple 32-bit DAC chipsets and utilizes a 35-bit D/A processing algorithm to convert the PCM signal to analog at a high 35-bit resolution. 35-bit processing achieves an astounding resolution that is fully 2,048 times that of 24-bit processing. In the digital range, high-bit data gradation is fully utilized to minimize arithmetic errors and provide faithful conversion to analog, attaining outstanding musical expression even with extremely small music signals.

Newly Designed Integrated Dual Monaural D/A Converters for the Ultimate in Sound Quality

The D/A converters of the K1/N-01 feature the lavish specifications you would expect of a premium all-in-one model. This completely new design utilizes the finest possible materials and circuit technology available in the world today. The circuit incorporates the premium 32-bit AK4497 DAC chipset from AKM (Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation) in conjunction with the high-end MUSES03 operational amplifier from New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. Eight parallel/differential circuits drive each channel to achieve outstanding linearity and low distortion. The D/A converter features separate left and right power transformers and eight power supply regulators for each channel, which are located directly next to each circuit to ensure a clean and highly stable power supply. The isolation of the digital circuits and analog circuits has also been improved to give listeners a vivid musical reproduction that is both pure and carries a superior image and depth.

“ES-LINK Analog” Method for High Quality Current Transmission

In addition to regular line connections (XLR and RCA), the N-01 features ESOTERIC’s new “ES-LINK Analog” transmission method. This is a current transmission method that utilizes the high performance of the HCLD buffer circuit and its enhanced ability to supply high-speed current. This is the ideal analog audio transmission as it is free from signal route impedance, thus fully maximizing the system’s potential when connected to a compatible device.*


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