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Gold Note


Gold Note Giglio with B 5.1 tonearm. Beautifully crafted with exceptional musicality, a really special turntable. No cartridge but Gold Note supply a range to suit. Fully boxed with manual (£3445 new)


6 Month warranty
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Gold Note believe that every hand made turntable has something special and what we make carries a small part of the Italian heritage, showing their dedication to native traditions, history and to their passion: this is how they craft perfect music sources. Such passion defines all our turntables and drives them to design with great care and attention every single detail in order to deliver the best audio performance from the most fascinating source of music.

Giglio is one of their best creations and redefines the traditional design of a turntable through innovative shapes, quality materials and technical solutions to merge tradition and technology.

The particular curves of the base result in extra rigidity and allow Giglio to achieve a superior performance delivering pure sound and details to recreate the musical event. The wooden base is also coupled with a 20mm thick board in polished Acrylic and reinforced with a 3mm stainless steel platform lowering the total frequency resonance.

Enhancing the turntable’s ultra-compact structure, combining and refining the technical design with elegant, smooth lines: that’s how they created Giglio. The Walnut curved plinth is in fact coupled with a 3mm stainless steel board then completed with a 20mm thick black polished acrylic board that integrates the electronic system.

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The Power Supply of the 12 Volt Swiss Made synchronous motor has been developed to guarantee fantastic audio performances. Thanks to Gold Note's proprietary power control generator based on a Quadral-Core micro-controller, Giglio can effectively control vibrations and deliver high torque for the greatest dynamic and resolution. The Power Supply Unit electronically control the 33rpm and the 45rpm mode and the speed fine adjustment, storing the settings in memory.

Giglio features a 33mm thick platter made of Sustarin and a high precision bearing/spindle design with ultra-strict matching tolerances. The spindle is made of rectified hardened chromed Steel and the bearing is in tungsten steel, both engineered to obtain great rotational stability and low noise. The platter in black Sustarin – a special material based on POM plastic polymer, rigid and high dampened – reduces vibrations and improves the stability.

Triple DAMPENED Plinths

Giglio is built with a multiple plinth structure based on the main 50mm wooden base made of Italian Walnut hardwood slats. The base is coupled with a 20mm plinth in polished Acrylic and reinforced with a 3mm thick stainless steel platform to guarantee exceptional stability and rigidity.


Giglio features a proprietary best power control generator based on Quadral-Core micro controller enhances an audio converter completely reshape the AC wave to perfectly drive a 12V synchronous motor to virtually cancel vibrations and improve torque power for greatest dynamic and details resolution both.


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