Aurender A200 now on demo

Introducing the Aurender A200, the successor to the renowned A100 and Aurender's most compact and budget-friendly Analog Output Network Player yet. Designed for audiophiles seeking superior audio performance without compromising on affordability, the A200 offers an exceptional Aurender user experience.

Powered by an all-new low-power Intel quad-core processor and featuring a low-noise linear power supply, the A200 delivers unparalleled fidelity to your high-resolution digital files and streams. With its MQA Full-Decoder DAC and adaptive storage system, the A200 ensures that every detail of your music is faithfully reproduced.

Housed in a sleek machined aluminum chassis, the A200 boasts a 6.9” color LCD display, exuding elegance and simplicity. It incorporates the latest Aurender innovations, including the remarkable AKM4490 MQA Full-Decoder DAC, coaxial and Toslink digital inputs, and two isolated gigabit ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity.

Furthermore, the A200 features a Super-Capacitor based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for added reliability. With two compartments for user-installable storage drives, the A200 offers ample internal library capacity, ensuring you never run out of space for your music collection.

Experience the ultimate in high-performance digital audio with the Aurender A200.

To arrange your demo please call us on 01202 911886.


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