Latest News

Announcements15th May 2024
Lamborghini and Sonus faber
New Product2nd May 2024
Gold Note launch IS-10 all-in-one
New Product19th April 2024
Fyne Audio F700 Series goes SP
New Product28th March 2024
Aurender A200 now on demo
New Product1st February 2024
Introducing SPL
New Product11th January 2024
McIntosh celebrate 75th Anniversary
Announcements4th January 2024
KEF now on demo
Announcements20th October 2023
New 2023 Showroom Refurbishment
Announcements19th September 2023
McIntosh AV TradeUP program
New Product13th September 2023
Add 24bit/192kHz streaming for £219!
Announcements23rd August 2023
Chord upgrades EpicX
Announcements30th June 2023
Hifi Rose RS250A Promotion Offer
Announcements11th April 2023
Pro-Ject now available
New Product10th March 2023
YG Acoustics Peak Series
New Product17th January 2023
New Homage Out Now
New Product4th January 2023
New Naim 200 Series
New Product8th December 2022
mcintosh mc451 unveiled
New Product2nd December 2022
MDA200 - Macs new Dac!
New Product2nd November 2022
REL unleash the No.31
New Product27th September 2022
HiFi Rose RS520 Launches
New Product31st August 2022
Pro-ject launch Metallica Ltd Edition
New Product10th June 2022
Chord PowerHAUS
New Product8th June 2022
HiFi Rose RA180 on demo
New Product11th May 2022
McIntosh MCD12000 LAUNCHES
New Product23rd February 2022
Sonus faber launch Omnia
New Product27th January 2022
Esoteric N-05XD
New Product4th November 2021
McIntosh MC3500 MKii Released
New Product4th November 2021
Isotek launch V5 Aquarius
Announcements24th September 2021
Ortofon at Jordan Acoustics
New Product15th June 2021
Lumina II & V Released
New Product28th May 2021
McIntosh MB20 Launches
New Product11th May 2021
Atom Headphone Edition
New Product5th May 2021
Welcome HiFi Rose
New Product1st May 2021
Gold Note DS10+ Now In
Announcements23rd March 2021
Esoteric offering Roon
Announcements9th March 2021
Naim Update Fix List
Announcements23rd February 2021
Spotify HiFi is coming!
New Product12th February 2021
McIntosh MHA200
New Product24th November 2020
Bricasti M3 now on demo
New Product16th October 2020
Mcintosh announce the MA12000
New Product7th October 2020
Mcintosh Launches C8 & MC830
Announcements6th October 2020
Sonus faber trade up programme
New Product2nd October 2020
Marantz launches the 30 series
New Product30th September 2020
Sonus faber Lumina Launches
Announcements10th September 2020
Maserati & Sonus faber
New Product4th August 2020
Sonus faber arrives
Announcements13th May 2020
Focal Headphone Offer
Announcements18th March 2020
COVID-19 Policy
New Product28th February 2020
PMC Twenty5i Series
New Product12th December 2019
McIntosh launch MC901
New Product1st November 2019
New IsoAcoustics DELOS platform
Announcements3rd October 2019
Esoteric streamer and master clock arrive
Announcements16th August 2019
Save £1000 on Focal Kanta 2
New Product17th July 2019
Naim launch new NAITs
New Product14th June 2019
PMC Fact Signature
New Product1st May 2019
Fyne Audio F703 launches
New Product5th April 2019
IsoAcoustics Orea
Announcements13th March 2019
McIntosh now ROON ready
New Product6th March 2019
McIntosh RS200 now available
New Product22nd February 2019
Sugden ANV-50 on demo
New Product22nd January 2019
World First?
Announcements21st January 2019
Qobuz giveaway
Announcements10th January 2019
Fyne Audio comes aboard
New Product10th January 2019
McIntosh 70th Anniversary
New Product10th January 2019
Focal Kanta 1 and 3 launch
New Product9th January 2019
Mac MHA50 finally here
New Product1st January 2019
New Bel Canto Stream
New Product27th September 2018
Marantz KI Ruby arrives
Announcements14th June 2018
High Definition Vinyl

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