Esoteric N-05XD

Esoteric Launch the new N-05XD network DAC/Preamp

As Esoteric’s first-ever network DAC/preamp, the N-05XD was specifically designed to deliver superior sound quality from the smallest system configurations combining your favorite power amplifier, speakers, and headphones. Integrating fully balanced circuitry directly derived from Esoteric’s flagship series, the N-05XD’s network engine is equipped with a pure, dedicated linear power supply and an in-house designed discrete DAC that ensures that its preamplifier and headphone amplifier are capable of clearly reproducing the full sound of a recording’s original master.

A seamless integration of the most Esoteric-like essences, the N-05XD has been thoroughly refined under the guiding principles of ultimate sound quality. Just a touch of its volume knob clearly reveals this quality in its most exquisite form, and promises the fullest and most satisfying enjoyment of Esoteric’s pure signature sound. No longer must superior sound quality be sacrificed in the pursuit of a simplified high-end audio system.

Please call for further information on 01202 911886


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