Fyne Audio F700 Series goes SP

The Fyne Audio F700SP Series represents the pinnacle of loudspeaker design, meticulously crafted by Dr. Paul Mills and his team with a focus on delivering exceptional performance and luxurious aesthetics. Building upon the success of the F700 Series, these new models integrate cutting-edge enhancements from Fyne Audio's flagship F1 Series and acclaimed Vintage Series, all housed within contemporary, hand-assembled cabinets.

Each speaker in the F700SP Series is a testament to British craftsmanship, featuring meticulously assembled cabinets adorned with exquisite finishes such as piano gloss lacquered walnut veneer, showcasing luxury in both appearance and tactile feel.

Central to the F700SP Series are the IsoFlare drivers, directly inspired by Fyne Audio's flagship F1 Series. The F703SP boasts a robust Neodymium HF magnet system and titanium dome, while the F702SP features a magnesium dome and ferrite magnet system. These drivers deliver pristine, distortion-free sound with a consistently flat frequency response across the spectrum, ensuring stellar high-frequency clarity and overall sonic purity.

Supporting these acoustic marvels is a robust F1-grade aluminum platform equipped with M12 threaded support cones, allowing for precise leveling adjustments to ensure optimal speaker placement. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the audio performance, delivering finely detailed sound reproduction and dynamic robustness.

The integration of state-of-the-art enhancements in the F700SP Series exemplifies Fyne Audio's commitment to combining beautifully crafted cabinets with cutting-edge audio technology. The result is a series of speakers that not only look stunning but also set new benchmarks in audio perfection and craftsmanship.


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