Hifi Rose RS250A Promotion Offer

For a limited time while stocks last, we are running a promotion where new purchasers of the popular HiFi Rose RS250A streamer/pre-amplifier can benefit from a 1TB SSD hard drive installed for FREE. The RS250A offers a vast array of streaming services, but one of the best ways to listen to high-quality music is from attached storage, reducing the impact of network noise and delays and shortening the signal path from source to sound.

The 1TB SSD pre-installed in the RS250A makes for an elegant solution that integrates reliable storage for up to thousands of hours of your own music.

The offer runs from July 1st until August 31st 2023, while stock lasts.

Click here for more details on the incredible Rose RS250A https://www.jordanacoustics.co...

Contact us on 01202 911886 for enquiries.


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