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Marantz launches the 30 series

We are always excited about new Marantz products, and this is no exception.A new range called the 30 Series incorporates an integrated amplifier with a new, hi-tech look, along with a streaming SACD player, we predictthis will be a big hit.

Model 30

Get the most musical sound possible from this Master-tuned integrated amplifier. Its custom-designed HDAM delivers exquisite detail and unforgettable musicality from any style of music.

Featuring a fully discrete, two stage design for minimal interference, and unique Marantz HDAM technology for signal purity, MODEL 30 offers exceptional sound quality.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of hours of thoughtful Sound Master tuning ensure the exquisite detail and musicality Marantz always delivers.
  • You see and feel it in the build quality and you hear it every time. No
    matter your musical passions, your music always sounds better with MODEL
  • Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology is comprised of dozens of independent parts, each hand-selected for pure, detailed Marantz sound.
  • Designed to replicate the sensitivity and feel of a vintage analog amplifier even when simply adjusting the volume.

SACD 30n

The most musical digital source player for CDs, SACDs, and high-resolution files, plus multiple streaming services. Delivered through Marantz Musical Mastering processing and a crystal-clear pre-amplifier.

The most musical sound for all your digital music: Your CDs and SACDs, your digital files, and multiple streaming services built-in.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of hours of careful Sound Master tuning ensures the exquisite detail and musicality Marantz always delivers.
  • Its low-noise pre-amplifier and dedicated headphone amplifier promise the Marantz sound any way you listen.
  • Enjoy music from Spotify, Amazon HD, Pandora, TIDAL, and more, or your local collection.
  • Exquisitely designed and precisely tuned to pair with the Marantz MODEL 30 – for your new reference system.

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