Maserati & Sonus faber

This is the all-new Maserati MC20, a mid-engined supercar that will spearhead the relaunch of Maserati as a top-level luxury and performance brand. Featuring a completely new chassis, powertrain and design language, the MC20 is a big moment for the brand, but promises to be just the start of its next renaissance. Maserati has revealed that the new 621bhp supercar will cost from £187,230 when it arrives in the UK mid-2021, priced between traditional supercars like the Ferrari F8 and McLaren 720S and lesser McLaren Sport Series and high-end Porsche 911s

A first for the MC20 is the Sonus faber developed 695-watt sound system that powers 12 channels and 12 speakers. The system consists of five tweeters, five midrange drivers and two 60W woofers.

The new MC20 not only signals the beginning of a new generation for Maserati, but a sign that the brand itself will be an important part of the new world order between FCA and its merger with French conglomerate PSA. As a brand with over a century of history behind it, this new dynamic between the two motoring giants could finally realise Maserati’s full potential, particularly as it steps out of Ferrari’s shadow now they are no longer part of the same family.

It all begins with MC20.


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