REL unleash the No.31

Here at JA we've always seen the benefit of adding a good quality subwoofer to a system, but not all subwoofers are made equal. For high quality music reproduction a sub must be agile and fast whilst retaining effortless reserves. Not an easy feat. Thankfully, the wizards at REL have produced a remarkable new product for their Reference line, the No.31. This groundbreaking (literally) new product is nothing less than a pure reference model, sculpted from the flanks of the remarkable No.32, but using a newly developed 12″ (350mm) all carbon fiber driver. Every facet of No.31 has been comprehensively upgraded and refined from its predecessor. It really is the new benchmark in low frequency reproduction.

To find out more about this amazing new design please call us on 01202 911886 and we'll be happy to help.


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