Add 24bit/192kHz streaming for £219!

WiiM have just launched the new audiophile grade Pro Plus streaming solution designed to give Hi-Fi systems a high performance yet cost effective entry into the world of digital music. The Pro Plus can be added to any Hi-Fi system either via RCA or optical to provide the listener with access to a vast array of streaming services including Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Qobuz and very shortly, Roon.

The Pro Plus is literally the perfect gateway product for users who want to add streaming to their setup, simply and with little outlay.

Initial stock has arrived but is very limited. It is also available to buy online so you can add-to-cart at any time of the day or night.

As usual, if you have any questions we are available on 01202 911886 and we also have one on demo so feel free to come and have a look/listen for yourself.


"The WiiM Pro Plus music streamer has a lot to recommend it. As a way to bring proper high-resolution digital audio streaming smarts to an existing system, it's without peer at the price. True, other brands can do a similar job, sometimes in even greater style, but inevitably there's a higher outlay required. Add in a control app that's a sight better than any number of its market rivals, and this little bit of kit looks and sounds like the real deal."

Stereonet - 24th Aug 2023


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