The F-01 has been significantly upgraded from the previous F Series in terms of both functionality and sound quality, incorporating a number of new technologies from the development of the flagship Grandioso C1X preamplifier.


1 year warranty

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The large-scale, balanced dual mono preamp comparable to a separate preamp, comes standard with three ES-Link Analog inputs that allow our proprietary current-based signal input from the Esoteric K/N Series digital source players for a live listening experience as if monitored directly from a recording studio analog console. The new F Series also features a unique "Ultra Fidelity Attenuator System", and the power supply section of the preamplifier has been further upgraded. Other key preamp features include a fully balanced headphone amplifier, dual mono phonostage preamp, and a high-quality 3-band balanced tone control.

The F-01 can also be expanded into a multi-amplifier system by connecting the S-05 power amplifier to the ES-Link Analog pre-outs. For even higher sound quality, an optional PS-01F external power supply dedicated to the preamp (to be announced) can be connected. This unique design, which seems to contradict the integrated concept, is a testament to the F-01's high expandability and is the best proof that the built-in fully balanced dual mono preamp is designed with an uncompromising emphasis on quality.

Ultra Fidelity Attenuator System

In preamp design, the amplitude of the audio signal is proportional to the supply voltage of the active attenuator. In other words, a system with a low supply voltage will not allow sufficient amplitude of the audio signal, resulting in suppressed dynamic range and an unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio. The heart of the preamp, the attenuator circuit, features the "Ultra Fidelity Attenuator System" used in the Grandioso C1X. This proprietary Esoteric system is designed with a high supply voltage to maximize dynamics and greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, even though it is a stepped attenuator circuit, the 0.1dB/1,120 steps (more than 10 times the number of steps of a typical preamp) allow for silky smooth and detailed volume adjustment.

The UFA-1792 stepped attenuator module, is an Esoteric’s proprietary module designed with advanced and super modern process technology. In order to achieve the amazingly fine step of 0.1dB, the myriad of resistors inside are manufactured under the most stringent quality control. Esoteric engineers uncompromisingly examined all materials, circuit patterns, and layout, and created independent power / ground signal paths for each circuit block inside the module to achieve high performance and high sound quality, one of the benchmarks of modern preamp module design.

Balanced Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier

The headphone amplifier is a major evolution from the previous F Series. To respond to new listening styles with exceptional reproduction quality, Esoteric has concentrated its amplifier design technology and wisdom to achieve the highest peak. The circuit design is a fully balanced dual mono design that follows the linestage preamp design, with a balanced output (4-pin XLR) and an unbalanced outputs (6.3mm). With its fully balanced power output of 600mW (into a 32Ω load), this superlative headphone amplifier powerfully drives high impedance headphones with plenty of headroom to spare. The amplifier gain can be also adjustable from 0 to +18dB with 3dB increments to match with the connected headphones.

Dual Mono Phonostage Preamp

The F-01 also responds to analog playback with quality, featuring dual mono phonostage preamp (MM/MC) with independent L/R circuits. The left and right power supplies are also independent, ensuring perfect channel separation.

3-Band Balanced Tone Control (Treble / Middle / Bass)

The tone control is configured with a balanced dual mono circuit, focusing on the quality as a high-end device. Sound quality can be adjusted without worrying about sound degradation. The tone control can be separately preset for each input source. Treble and bass can be finely adjusted without significantly degrading the original sound of the source by shifting the center frequency of variable bandwidths to a higher/lower point (14kHz /63Hz) than usual, assuming a combination with wide-range high-end speakers. Precise control is possible in 0.5dB steps with a maximum range of ±12dB. The middle band (630Hz) can also be utilized as a loudness preset when set to the minus side and used in conjunction with the tone bypass mode.

Flexible System Upgradability

Achieving a level of perfection in the separate amplifier class, the F Series can be used in a variety of system upgrades that go beyond the limits of an integrated amplifier.
By connecting the S-05 class A amplifier to the pre-outputs (XLR/ES-Link Analog), a multi-amplifier system can be built. To improve the quality of the preamp, an external power supply, the PS-01F, can be added.
There is also a slot for adding an option board. Two option boards for the previous generation F Series models (DAC board OP-DAC1 and ES-Link Analog input board OP-ESLA1) are compatible with this slot.

Mechanical Perfection

To achieve the single design goal of "reproducing the master sound," the F-01 chassis optimally controls all vibrations that affect sound quality. The mechanical engineering of the F-01 is like that of a Formula 1 racing car, with the balance between rigidity and flexibility pushed to the limit. The heavy construction with a total mass of 32 kg, which is unprecedented for an integrated amplifier, shows the fullness and completeness of the product. The enclosure, which requires rigidity, makes extensive use of aluminum blocks to ensure non-resonance. On the other hand, the top panel has a semi-floating structure for an open sound. Esoteric's unique patented isolation foot, which integrates a spike and a saucer, also has a special structure to reduce mechanical stress. In addition, the large heat sinks of the amplifier block have a unique wave shape that disperses the peak resonance of the fins.

Tech spec

Rated output power

30W + 30W (8Ω, Class A) / 60W + 60W (4Ω)

Compatible speaker impedance

ES-Link Analog/XLR

3 pairs

Input impedance

10kΩ (XLR)


3 pairs

Input impedance



1 pair (MC/MM switchable)

Input impedance

MM47kΩ / MC100Ω

ES-Link Analog

1 Pair


1 Pair

Output impedance


Headphone outputs

1x Standard 6.3mm (¼) stereo jack
1x 4-pin XLR jack

Maximum effective output

Unbalanced 300mW + 300mW (into 32Ω)
Balanced 600mW + 600mW (into 32Ω)

Applicable load impedance

Unbalanced 16 to 600Ω / Balanced 32 to 600Ω

Overall dimensions (W×H×D)

445 × 191 × 471mm (including protrusions)



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