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3T The Mountain Hybrid 1m pair

This is True Transmission Technology at its best!


3 year warranty

3T The Mountain Hybrid 1m pair


No less than two .9 mm conductors, a thick L.S.C. layer, double screening and a dense Hulliflex jacket make this 11.3 mm thick cable a must-have for serious audio enthusiasts. Once connected you will never want to change to any other cable.

  • The top model 3T interconnect with the highest sonic quality.
  • The two centre leads are each made of a 0.9 mm diameter single-strand 3T conductor and individually coated with an extra L.S.C. layer.
  • To reduce the capacitive load between the signal conductors and the shielding, we have enlarged the distance between the two 3T centre conductors and the shielding.
  • This shielding is made of even 4 layers. Two layers of the shielding are made of heavy silver coated high quality copper multi-strand conductors and the other two layers are made of L.S.C.

After a run-in time of 3 – 5 hours, you will be very surprised about the huge quality improvement in the music reproduction without changing any other component.

Tech spec

Conductor material


Jacket colour


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