The DC1 is a versatile digital coaxial cable which forms the perfect connection between our DACs – or streaming products with a digital input – and any digital source.


2 year warranty



Developed alongside our reference DAC, it supports high-resolution UPnP streaming and is a perfect match for our range of digital products.

Available in RCA to RCA, BNC to BNC, RCA to BNC and BNC to RCA variants.

Double-screened high-conductivity copper cable.

Tech spec


BNC (75Ω) or RCA


1 mm copper core, 55pF/metre

Cable Diameter Size

7.5 mm

Standard Length

1.25 mm


Semi-air-spaced polyethylene dielectric


Double screened high conductivity copper cable

Audio Inputs

UPnP: Hi-Res UPnPTM playback up to 24bit/192kHz (WAV and FLAC)
Digital (S/PDIF): Coax S/PDIF 75ohms

Audio Outputs

Line Outputs Fixed (level): 2.2V rms at 1kHz
THD + N: <0.005%, 10Hz - 18kHz at full level

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