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Statement Jumper Cables set of 4

Jorma Design Statement - A cable that meets your standards. Jorma Design delivers the last word in quality with Jorma Statement - a cable seven years in the making.


1 year warranty

Finance example

£700.00 initial 20% deposit then £155.56 per month for 18 months. Other finance terms available. Finance subject to status

Statement Jumper Cables set of 4


Drawing on decades of design experience it is the ultimate in refinement and craft. Only the best materials have been chosen. Inside and out. From the extra dense walnut shell to ultrapure ceramics in the core. The result - a sound that is purer and cleaner than ever before. You demand the best out of your system, so give it the best.


Our loudspeaker cables and interconnects are composed of copper of the best possible quality. We decided to use this material after experimentation with many other materials, as well as with other copper configurations. Copper delivers the most neutral, transparent, and natural musical signal. All cables employ the purest possible copper. This purity does not only refer to oxygen, but to all polluting materials and metals. All conductors are subjected to a spark test using 6000 V impulse tension before we use them to produce our cables.


The dielectric of all Jorma Design cables is made of the purest, non-coloured Teflon.


The connectors we use are very carefully selected for the best sound quality.

Tech spec

Insulation material conductors

PTFE noncoloured

Conductor material

4 mm2, 94% effective on RFI and EMI

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