The Utility Player - CD Ripping and Library Management. Automatic CD Ripping / Library Management / Metadata Editing Central Server Hub for Library Expansion and Multi-Room Systems.


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The Multi-Talented Utility Player

ACS100 offers a sensible solution to add CD Ripping, Library Management, and Central Server functionality to any Aurender system. Conceived as an accessory upgrade or add-on, ACS100 includes all the utility of ACS10 in a simpler package.

ACS100 uses a less expensive external switch-mode power supply instead of a linear power supply. It also omits the dedicated filtered & isolated USB audio output since its highest and best use is as a stand-alone Central Server.

Therefore, it is the ideal add-on companion to A200, A15, A20, N20, W20SE and N30SA. And, while adding valuable functionality to another Aurender, ACS100 can simultaneously be used as a source component for a second system.

Reference Quality Automatic CD Ripping

ACS is for the music lover looking to convert a collection of CDs to a file-based format in the highest quality available. Enjoy lossless, error-corrected CD rips using ACS's TEAC optical drive and customized audiophile CD ripping engine.

Central Server Hub

Do you have more than one system in your home? Think of ACS as your musical "mothership" where your music library lives. Other Aurender systems on your network can stream your library from ACS seamlessly. With ACS handling the content storage/server tasks, your other systems run nice and light for superior audio performance.

Nimbie Auto-Loader Compatibility

For large CD archival projects, connect an Acronova Nimbie Auto Loader (sold separately) for automated batch ripping.

Metadata Editing and Library Management

Like any precious collection, Music Libraries need curation. The dedicated ACS Manager app allows the user to manage, catalog, and groom a vast library for easy access. Browse your library with pride again.

User-Installable Storage Options

ACS100 is built with two trays for user-installable storage. Install up to two 8TB SSDs for 16TB of internal storage capacity! This is enough to accommodate even the largest music libraries.

Future-Proofed Processing Power

The ACS system incorporates significant processing power and system memory designed to maximize headroom for expanded functionality now and in the future.

Tech spec

Digital Outputs

USB (basic)

USB Output Supported Format

Up To 32-bit / 384kHz, DSD128 (DoP), DSD512 (Native)

MQA Support

MQA Core-Decoder Upgrade Available

Compatible Formats

DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE and others

Power Supply

External SMPS 19V(3.42A) DC Adapter


Intel Low Power Quad Core



Library Storage Capacity

2X 2.5" Compartments (User-Installable Storage)

SSD for System & Cache


Data USB Ports

1X USB 3.0 (Rear), 1X USB 3.0 (Front), 1X USB 2.0 (Rear)

Software Suite

Aurender Conductor, ACS Manager

Ethernet Port

Double-Isolated Gigabit LAN

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Yes (Super Capacitors)

Power Consumption

Play (16.5W), Peak (23.5W), Standby (6.5W)

CD Ripping Capability

Yes, Slot-Loading Optical Drive, Compatible with Nimbie Autoloader

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