Gold Note


The unique design of Gold Note's flagship speaker is based on ultra-rigid, curved and modular panels that are exclusively hand crafted in Italy.


1 year warranty



The high-dampened cabinet is reinforced with a double internal structure and with external wooden multilayer panels to control resonances and improve the audio performance. The cabinets conveniently separate the basses and the mid/highs for a perfect tuning and are coupled with a 3mm aluminium board to increase even further the rigidity of the entire structure.

The woofers are installed in a vented cabinet while the mid/highs are housed in sealed chambers in the upper cabinet. The upper cabinet also features a second open chamber with a massive grille made of solid aluminium to maximise rigidity and reduce internal reflections at the same time.
The loudspeaker features an integrated heavy-duty stand made of steel with our innovative hidden adjustable spikes.


For this loudspeaker we developed a 28 mm ultra-linear tweeter with and extra-thin and soft silk dome powered by a neodymium magnet featuring an aluminium dampening elliptical rear chamber.


The upper cabinet houses two 150mm ultra-linear drivers that feature high mass phase plugs and Nextel treated paper cones to reach high rigidity and fast natural audio response. Adaptive rubber surround provides an ideal match to the cone over the total frequency range. The extra large magnet system with long and lightweight CCAW voice coil allows perfect coil excursion and low distortion due to excellent transient response.

Solid copper rings are mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece to reduce non-linear and modulation distortions and to increase the overload margin. The driver is completed by an extremely stiff and stable skeleton in aluminium/magnesium to avoid airflow noises and to increase rigidity and lightness.


Two 220mm ultra-linear slightly horn loaded, light drivers with 18gm mass with Nextel treated paper producing a fast natural audio response in low frequencies. Bass drivers feature large magnet design with bumped back-plate: the large and dampened platform at the back improves stiffness while the extra-long and light weight CCAW voice coil, allows extreme coil excursion, low distortion and excellent transient response.

Giant copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce distortion for better overload margin. High mass phase plug reduces compression due to temperature variations in the voice coil. Long-term power handling is increased to eliminate resonances from cavity inside the voice coil former.


The passive Crossover Low-High Dual-Slop with cuts at 200Hz & 2200Hz is a resistive design that enables ultra-linear load to handle any sort of amplification without stressing the power supply, even at a nominal impedance of 4Ω.

The sophisticated triple crossover network, with summing midrange multi-slope design, integrates perfectly the drivers of the array and with anti-resonance thick glass-fibre boards rewards the listener with a close field natural audio experience. Air winding, hand-made coils and selected audio grade capacitors and exclusive graphite custom GN resistors complete one of the best crossover available today.


CABINET & STAND | black Laquer

SIDE PANELS | black Glossy Grand Piano or White or Italian Walnut

Tech spec

Frequency response:

30 Hz – 30.000 Hz, Dual Slope QB3 N°4


89dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)

Nominal impedence

4 ohm semi-resistive

Power handling

30W – 300W

Suggested min. listening distance:



1280 H | 357 W | 665 D


net 180 Kg, shipping 200 Kg (pair)

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