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Van den Hul

Black Hole

The van den Hul BLACK HOLE, is a heavy and powerful four outlet passive mains filter which core design is based on entirely new technology and concepts.


3 year warranty

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Black Hole


Bearing ultimate performance and reliability in mind, the filter was designed entirely fresh from the ground up and has been fit with the highest quality components. The result, the van den Hul BLACK HOLE, is a heavy and powerful four outlet passive mains filter which core design is based on entirely new technology and concepts.

The BLACK HOLE provides high-end audio, video and mixed setups with perfectly clean mains power, is capable of handling up to 1800 Watt total connected load and is equipped with four individually noise-isolated outlets: two higher power outlets, intended for power amps and other heavy loads and two lower power outlets, intended for pre-amps, CD- and DVD players, LCD TVs, etc.

Acting as the best thinkable external firewall solution, The BLACK HOLE effectively deals with all potential mains related A/V quality degradation mechanisms, this whereas most other passive mains filter units only crudely deal with a few.

The BLACK HOLE cuts mains-borne noise and spikes, removes direct current and provides high frequency isolation from mains. Ultimate performance is furthermore delivered by a highly advanced circuit design which is resonance-free and adds our unique Dynamic Noise Absorption (DNA) concept.

Audio and video signal quality is continuously threatened by the ever increasing amount of electromagnetic interference surrounding us. There are two main pathways along which such interference can corrupt your audio and video signals:

  1. Along the power supply: The mains power from your outlets is corrupted with noise, spikes and transients caused by switching equipment, motors, non-linear loads (like switch-mode power supplies e.g. in computers) as well as dimmed and fluorescent lighting, all hooked up to the large utility transformer supplying mains power to your neighbourhood.
  2. Along the air: Electromagnetic (radio frequency) interference from radio and TV transmitters, wireless computer devices, mobile phones and so on.

The amount of countermeasures taken inside audio and video equipment against such interference strongly varies between brand and type, and both pathways of noise entrance are not always sufficiently accounted for. It generally takes only one “more susceptible” component hooked up in your A/V chain to receive or pass on such noise to cause loss of audio or video signal transparency.

Last but not least: various A/V equipment’s built in power supplies also introduce interference by themselves. To provide the best thinkable solution to above mentioned problems, we have designed The BLACK HOLE.

This filter in short works by removing mains interference as well as interference caused by the equipment’s own power supply behaviour, while at the same time blocking important pathways along which airborne interference and mains noise can propagate between the connected devices themselves. This in effect provides each hooked-up unit with its own clean noise-isolated AC power, while maintaining full surge power demand transparency (i.e. unimpeded current transfer. Your A/V setup will much more behave like each connected device has its own isolated power supply.

The BLACK HOLE features:

Multiple filter stages:
Entering the filter, mains power passes through not less than 12 functional filtering stages before reaching each outlet. This heavy “noise crunching” provides very broad-band noise suppression: starting from roughly 1 kHz well into the Gigahertz range.

Direct current removal:
This means no more humming transformers in your equipment. The power transformers also produce much less distortion, induce less mechanical vibration to sensitive components and last but not least: are able to deliver significantly larger peak currents on demand; This means more dynamics as well as dynamic power during loud music passages.

Most passive filters have built-in electrical resonances which can even amplify and concentrate power line noise. As such more easily reaching into your equipment, these resonances can change sound character and background. The BLACK HOLE on the other hand prevents and even fights both internal and external resonances, thus keeping the power lines to your equipment dead quiet.

Dynamic Noise Absorption (DNA):
DNA tracks the mains voltage waveform and irons out pulses and other noise-like irregularities by eating away their energy and peacefully digesting it into inaudible heat.

Individually noise-isolated outlets:

Effectively blocking all noise propagation paths, each of the filter’s outlets provide high frequency noise isolation from mains as well as mutually between loads.

Zero power loss:
The filter is built with minimal impedance high current paths which preserve full surge power demand transparency and provide unimpeded current transfer; Power is immediately there when your equipment needs it.

Powerful and fast surge protection:
The filter is equipped with a robust 8000 Ampere transient/pulse-overload voltage protection circuit with nanosecond response time.

Very low quiescent power consumption:
The filter by itself consumes only about 4 Watt (which is probably less than your TV set in standby mode).


Vacuuming the noise from your mains power, The van den Hul BLACK HOLE provides your A/V system with markedly improved transparency, definition, detail and dynamics. An advance in sound and video quality hard to switch back from once you are used to it… The BLACK HOLE furthermore forms a perfect combination with our The MAINSSTREAM and MAINSSERVER Hybrid power cables.

Tech spec

Quiescent power consumption (unloaded):

Switched ON:

3.5 Watt at 230 V ~ AC 50 Hz

Switched OFF

0 Watt

Maximum allowed output current (individual outlets):

Each low power outlet:

2 Amperes

Each high power outlet:

8 Amperes

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