V5 Titan

The V5 Titan is a dedicated high current power cleaning system offering three independent power-cleaning networks in a single chassis: two outputs for high-current amplification and a third for an active subwoofer. These use multiple independent power cleaning networks that dramatically reduce Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination between output sockets.


3 Year warranty

V5 Titan


The new V5 model offers an additional third output socket as well as a new ‘System Link’ output, allowing multiple IsoTek devices to be connected via a star earth referencing back to a single wall socket. The legendary Titan Direct Coupled© circuit is also taken to a new level with instant absolute power on tap through over 50% increased PCB copper-loading, moving closer to the ideal of zero Ohms. This vastly improves amperage and decrease resistance. The new circuit also offers twice the inductance with an 80% increase of current handling ability. Protection is also raised to 153’000A instantaneous and 75’000A continuous, it is the most robust surge protection system IsoTek has offered in this model.

The IsoTek EVO3 Titan was originally presented at the Munich HIGH END Show in May 2014 and released officially to market towards the end of 2014. The EVO3 Titan quickly became the benchmark to which other high current power designs were compared and its ability to dramatically improve large power amplifiers found favour internationally.

The new model retains its 16 A RCBO circuit breaking system which offers an increased contact area at least 1,000 times greater than a standard fuse.

The V5 Titan PCB topology has also been vastly upgraded, too: PCB copper-loading has increased by over 50 % to improve amperage and decrease resistance. The new circuit also offers twice the inductance with an 80 % increase in current.

Dramatically improved DCR (Direct Current Resistance) has been applied throughout the design; part of the IsoTek goal is to reduce DCR, bringing performance closer to the zero ohms ideal; the V5 Titan is vastly improved compared to its predecessor.

The upgrades result in the V5 Titan delivering absolute power and unrestricted current delivery within the confines of energy company and regulatory limits. The sequential protection circuit of the V5 Titan has been increased to now offer 153,000 A of instantaneous protection and 75,000 A of continuous protection; it is the most robust surge-protection system IsoTek offers at the price point.

A new 'System Link’ feature at the rear of the chassis allows multiple IsoTek devices to be connected for better performance as everything references back to a single wall socket.


  • Suitable for high current audio or AV systems
  • RFI reduction 85dB (50 ohms standard), down to 5Hz
  • Optimised power cleaning circuits effectively remove Common and Differential Mode mains noise
  • 3 independent high current outlets for power amps, subwoofers, active loudspeakers (16A)
  • Easy reset RCBO fusing system
  • 153,500A instantaneous protection, 75,000 continuous
  • Fully star-earthed network
  • Solid core Ohno Continuous Cast copper silver-plated internal wiring with FEP virtual air dielectric
  • System Link outlet for extending the outlets and maintaining a starred earth reference
  • Supplied with IsoTek’s award winning EVO3 Premier power cable
  • UK, EU, US, AU & CH outlets available

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