Love your music the "Aurender Way," at a real-world price.

High Performance Analog Output Network Player with MQA Full-Decoder DAC and RCA outputs.


1 year warranty

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Functional Finesse

A200 replaces model A100 as Aurender's most compact and economical Analog Output Network Player. Offering superlative audio performance and the renowned Aurender user experience, A200 is an ideal choice for the music lover building a high-performance yet economical digital audio system. By virtue of its all-new low power Intel quad-core processor, low noise linear power supply, MQA Full-Decoder DAC, and adaptive storage system, A200 brings a higher fidelity to your hi-res digital files and streams. The handsome machined aluminum chassis sports a 6.9” color LCD display that oozes elegance and simplicity.

A200 incorporates all the latest generation Aurender innovations, including a single-stereo implementation of the remarkable AKM4490 MQA Full-Decoder DAC, coaxial and Toslink digital inputs, 2X isolated gigabit ethernet port and a Super-Capacitor based uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Two compartments for user-installable storage drives afford the user with massive internal library capacity.

MQA Full-Decoder DAC On Board

Aurender designed the A200 for those seeking the simplicity and economy of an all-in-one unit without sacrificing a high level of resolution, transparency, and the reproduction of inner detail. Built around an integrated AKM4490DAC module, A200 delivers MQA full-decoding to get the best performance out of MQA content, as well as every other major digital audio format.

FPGA-Based Precision Clock

A200's precision clock generation system incorporates a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with sub 100fs jitter-reducing clock generator to precisely time digital audio data transmissions and minimize jitter to below negligible levels.

Digital Connectivity

Coaxial and Optical digital inputs are included for the connection of additional digital sources such as a CD transport, TV, etc. Any device connected this way will take full advantage of the superior sound quality of the DAC within the A200.

Linear Power Supply with Integrated UPS

A fully-linear power supply architecture with extensive shielding prevents noise from being delivered to sensitive DACs. Discrete toroidal transformers power the server system, digital outputs and DAC respectively. A "super capacitor" based UPS system stabilizes A200 in the event of an abrupt loss of power.

Variable Output RCA Outputs

A200's high quality Single-Ended RCA outputs fed by DAC-level lossless volume control enables it to function as a preamp when connected directly to a power amplifier.

User-Installable Storage Options

A200 is built with two trays for user-installable storage. Need a lot of capacity? Load up to 2 8TB SSDs! Not into storing files and prefer to stream? Leave them empty, and don't pay for storage capacity you won't use.


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